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Fat Jon - Rapture Kontrolle (2012) [Abstract Hip Hop]



Country : U.S.A
Genre : Abstract Hip Hop
Style : Abstract Electro , Downtempo

Label : Hydeout-Tribe
Year : 2012




With Rapture Kontrolle, Fat Jon returns under the alias of Maurice Galactica (previously heard on 2002’s Humanoid Erotica) to present another round of interstellar beatscapes. Under the auditory tutelage of Humanoid Erotica (and a handful of other records at hand) my eardrums wised up to the joys instrumental music had to offer. I’d always been a fan of instrumentals, however self-sufficient instrumental music is arguably something different – but unarguably something Fat Jon is legendary for. Because of this, there’s a slight apprehensiveness in writing about his music, like anything said will be a pretentious attempt to define his assured craft which, in all truthfulness, escapes many definitions. But here goes… Like I’ve found with the bulk of Fat Jon’s discography, Rapture Kontrolle sounds almost inoffensive upon its first spin as it predominantly utilises familiar elements of down-tempo music to induce head-nodding grooves. However, it’s in the replays that things come to life; each one revealing a new layer, a new favourite track, until the whole thing damn near sounds like a masterpiece. It happened to me with Humanoid Erotica and, in time, it’ll likely happen to me with this. I credit this to what I believe to be Fat Jon’s masterful use of nuance; you’ll find transitions occurring effortlessly and instrumentation coming and going stealthily from all corners of the tracks. The elements of music are like tai-chi; delicate in their movement but resolute in their purpose. Even the first track “Thoughtform” – which, true to its name, initially sounds like a discordant tangle of musical synapses firing uncontrollably – becomes something more malleable in Fat Jon’s mind as he subtly draws out harmonious elements. Elsewhere, fleshed-out characters are created within the tracks from the instruments themselves. There’s the flute on “Magic Flute” hitting Minnie Ripperton level whistle-registers, the woebegone strings and woodwind on “Losing You”, and the dancing hi-hats and buoyant bass on “Thirdbass Allday”. Things get more up-tempo in the spirit of Humanoid Erotica with the G-Funky space jam “Eternal Type Satellite”, “Various Randoms” in its entirety, and “Galaxy Class” which contains beat breaks ill enough to get people forming a circle for the BBoys and BGirls; all before it evolves into a more expansive spectacle. Then there’s “Intellect Bombs” – lordamercy – this is Fat Jon at his synaesthesia-inducing best. Immediately conjuring up a potent soundscape, understated vocal elements are introduced to great effect (more so than some of the vocal-heavy tracks from Lightweight Heavy or Afterthought) until the piano work prevails through at the end. This is the kind of music that makes you want to look up at the night sky and ask some big questions. Rapture Kontrolle plays like a lot of Fat Jon’s art but, as you’ve probably gathered thus far, that’s no bad thing at all. Despite this, the album is still far from predictable. With so many styles presented over the years, some more experimental than others, Fat Jon has a wealth to choose from at this point, and it’s only from this that I can draw any criticism. With so many styles in this album it’s expected that I personally won’t dig all of them, and there are a couple of tracks where I’m not feeling the vibe. Regardless diversity is almost always a good thing and this album is perhaps his most diverse yet.Source


Tracklist :

01. Thoughtform
02. Divided Ascention
03. Magic Flute
04. Eternal Type Satellite
05. Galaxy Class
06. Losing U
07. Little Green Book 8. Intellect Bombs
09. Awingman Supreme
10. Various Random
11. The Prowess
12. Pain Of A Cultured Night
13. Thirdbass Allday
14. Just Amoment


Info File :
Playtime: 00:45:00
Audio codec: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
File: Zip
Size: 105 MB


Brina - Under One Sun (2012) [Reggae]



Country : Jamaica
Genre : Reggae
Style : Reggae Roots

Label : Tribal Global Productions
Year : 2012




Brina is a new voice of World Roots Reggae Music from Jamaica, an artiste steeped in the sounds and rhythms of her Jamaican culture. With the release of this incredible debut album “Under One Sun”, Brina is ready to share her music with the world. Under One Sun features Jamaican legends Toots Hibbert (of Toots and the Maytals) guest vocals, and Sly Dunbar (of Sly and Robbie) on Drums. The quality of the songs and music, combined with Brina’s talent and sincerity drew many great musicians, eager to be part of this album. The seeds for Under One Sun were planted in 2007 when Brina met Kieran C Murray, a Scottish musician living in Jamaica. This meeting of minds and cultures sparked a flow of creativity and they began writing songs together. It was now time for Brina to record her debut album, truly representing the talent and creativity that exists in Jamaica. Descended from The Maroons, Brina’s deep connection with drums and African music is as natural as her vocal expressions of freedom and justice. Her desire is to fuse together elements of her rich cultural and musical heritage using Reggae, Nyabinghi and other musical styles from the African diaspora; singing of justice, equality, liberation, oneness and love. Brina's songs bring a positive healing message to the world. Using driftwood from the Caribbean, Kieran and Brina built a small Tribal Global Studio in their cottage in Stony Hill on the mountains above Kingston, here the recording and production of the album began. This was in 2009. They tracked live drums and bass at Bob Marley’s world famous Tuff Gong recording studio, drums with Sly Dunbar at Anchor Studios and Grafton Studio for the live horn sessions. Memorable vocal sessions were recorded in Jamaica’s mystical Blue Mountains. Some drum and guitar sessions were recorded in Columbia and California through the internet, lending a truly global dimension to the project. Between hurricanes, tropical storms and loud street sound systems the rest of the album was tracked in the Tribal Global Studio. Recording was completed in the summer of 2010, final mixing and mastering completed in 2011. The full album credits read like a who’s who of some of Jamaica’s finest musicians including: Sly Dunbar on drums, Jubba White, Jallanzo, and Luke Dixon of Dubtonic Kru on drums, guitar and keyboards respectively. Rupert Bent III and Omar Francis on guitars, Michael ‘Ibo’ Cooper of Third World, Demar Gayle of Raging Fyah, Sheldon Bernard, Stephen Maxwell and Jerome Tulloch on pianos & keyboards. Dean Fraser, Nambo Robinson and Dwight Richards on Horns. Calvin Mitchell and Phillip Supersad on Nyabinghi hand drums. Kieran C Murray played Bass Guitar and also produced the album. From other corners of the globe, L.A. producer John Barnes III was integral in vocal production, Canadian Guitarist/Producer JB Eckl (Santana, War) on guitar, the renowned Afro-Caribbean drummer Istvan Dely from Columbia on percussions and Paul Gonzales from the USA added some Latin funk flavours on drums. Two tracks ‘Listen’ and ‘Real Reggae Music’ were mixed in Jamaica by Errol Brown (Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley) and released in 2010. The rest of the album was mixed in Los Angeles by Jon Rezin (Santana, Maroon 5) With Brina’s incredible and powerful voice and songs backed up by this stellar line up of musicians, Brina's iconic debut album will delight lovers of music and reggae worldwide. This album will take you on a musical journey, with the classic sounds of; Roots Rock Reggae, rocked up Nyabinghi, classic One Drop Riddims, acoustic Nyabinghi drumming and chanting with a rural Jamaican gospel style, Funky Pop Rock, Rocking Dub, African, Latin and Brazilian grooves. Like many classic Jamaican albums embraced by fans of myriad musical genres, this album embraces all the diverse musical influences mentioned, while effortlessly staying firmly rooted in the Reggae tradition. Brina believes that music is a universal language crossing all borders, a powerful force that will help bring about the dream - the oneness of humanity - to millions of people around the globe. “Under One Sun” will place Roots Reggae Music with a spiritual message on the world map. The release of this incredible album allows Brina to share her music with the world and should not be missed.Source


Tracklist :

1 - Real Reggae Music
2 - Feet Don't Fail Me Now
3 - Lala Vizuri (Sleep My Little Baby)
4 - Where Is Your African Pride?
5 - Daughter of Zion
6 - Simple Progression
7 - Interlude - Binghi Breathing Space
8 - Soul's Song
9 - Listen
10 - Guns and Rose (feat. Toots Hibbert)
11 - We Are Free
12 - Under One Sun



Info File :
Playtime: 01:01:40
Audio codec: MP3
Bitrate: 128 kbps
File: Zip
Size: 57.6MB


Chase Rush & EL-S - Chase Rush & EL-S (2013) [Hip Hop]



Country : U.S.A
Genre : Hip Hop
Style : Rap , Future Hip Hop

Label : Collective Resonance
Year : 2013




The 21yr old Harlem rapper Chase Rush (Derrick Martin) & the 25yr old Milwaukee producer EL-S (Lucas Slattery) release their highly anticipated first project entitled "2 Weeks Notice".The Mixtape has been received well to Hip-Hop fans and the two young men continue to deliver the future of Hip-Hop.Source


Tracklist :

1.Any Love 02:44
2.Fuck You (Interlude) 00:45
3.Fuck Bitches Get Money 04:01
4.Class Of 3000 02:56
5.Cookie Monster Color Haze 04:42
6.Bloodflow 02:58
7.Heaven Sake Hell Yeah 02:45
8.Coffee & E Pills 03:01
9.Girls 03:20
10.3 Way Medusa 03:12
11.80's Tough Luck Bullshit 03:39
12.Space Jam 02:45
13.Like A Pac Movie 03:36
14.VEGAS 02:49
15.Phantogram 02:45
16.Red Laces Ft. P. West 03:19 


Info File :
Playtime: 00:49:25
Audio codec: MP3
Bitrate: VBR kbps
File: Zip
Size: 76MB


Inkliing - Generals (LP) (2013) [Ambient , Downtempo]



Country : U.K
Genre : Downtempo
Style : Ambient , Abstract Hip Hop

Netlabel : Dusted Wax Kingdom
Year : 2013




After releasing two solo EPs as well as having tracks featured on compilations from Nightmares On Wax, London based producer Inkliing steps into the netaudio world, releasing his new album with Dusted Wax Kingdom. "Generals" LP is an enchanting fusion of tranquil smoky vibes and crackling jazzy grooviness, creating a cosy, sensual atmosphere.Source


Tracklist :

03-Trust Me
10-Sold Ma Soul
11-Tropic Tangoe
12-Fallen Angels


Info File :
Playtime: 00:49:4&
Audio codec: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
File: Zip
Size: 119.2MB


Natural Self - Neon Hurts My Eyes (2013) [Electro , Alternative]



Country : U.K
Genre : Alternative
Style : Electro , Experimental

Label : Tru Thoughts
Year : 2013




It appears that Nathaniel Pearn has had an interesting few years since I checked out his last album, My Heart Beats Like A Drum. This is Pearn's first album with him in the front seat as singer-songwriter, a move that holds promise given the over-reliance on occasionally formulaic instrumentals on previous releases. Having said which, Neon Hurts My Eyes still starts with an instrumental in the form of Metropolis. That opening still sign-posts how much Natural Self has changed this time around though. Whilst this album retains elements of Pearn's hip-hop and funk production influences the opening highlights there is a lot more going on. The press-release may be a little over-eager in name-checking Radiohead and the Beta Band but this is clearly a more experimental album. So Neon Hurts My Eyes opens with glitchy electronic-bleeps and wild, soaring vocal choruses before early preview track Red Wire Blue Wire picks up the baton. Here Pearn's vocals are applied to a head-nodding electronic track, complete with arpeggiated synths and bass-heavy keys. Its a marked departure, and a refreshing one. There are moments when Neon Hurts... seems to drift much more towards the traditional Natural Self sound, on the soulful choral female vocals of The Valleys, for example. On the whole however this is an album that sounds like the creator grew tired of his pigeonhole, and Pearn's adventures are generally a more worthwhile listen as a result. Yet there are a few missteps - a general overwhelming sense of earnestness and a cover of Laurie Andreson's O Superman that I struggle to wholly get behind. The album is strongest when it forges its own path. Mirror To The Sky is an entrancing post-apocalyptic ballad of our demise, complete with haunting cello and mechanical drums whilst Take It Back is fuzzy, jiving and chaotic - a whirl of electronic noise and grimy bass. The album closes on a haunted, spectral instrumental in Paper Skyline that conjures a sense of conflicted optimism. Pearn is no longer wrestling with his inspiration as he was on previous albums. Neon Hurts My Eyes is Natural Self creating his own identity, and so far it's sounding pretty good.Source


Tracklist :

01. Metropolis (02:59)
02. Red Wire Blue Wire (04:23)
03. Machine (04:33)
04. Take It Back (04:03)
05. Pulsar (02:09)
06. An Invisible Light (03:46)
07. In A World (04:09)
08. Mirror To The Sky (04:04)
09. Kingdom (03:32)
10. O Superman (07:09)
11. The Valleys (featuring Tanya Auclair & Milly Blue) (05:07)
12. Paper Skyline (03:51)


Info File :
Playtime: 00:49:46
Audio codec: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
File: Zip
Size: 115.2MB


Dutch - A Bright Cold Day (2010) [Trip Hop]



Country : U.S.A
Genre : Trip HoP
Style : Electro , Downtempo

Label : Auto-Prod  http://archive.org
Year : 2010




Rigolo ! C'est le terme qui revient à la fin de chaque écoute de l'album de Dutch. Les productions sont riches et la voix pleine de bonnes intentions. Une base excellente de hip-hop et de sampling, saupoudrée d'une douce brise féminine : tout pour plaire ! Surtout que le producteur Stoupe n'en est pas à son premier coup d'essai. Mais voila le souci, c'est que c'est peut être un peu trop ! Un peu trop rempli, un peu trop similaire. Quand Liz Fullerton se met à chanter, elle ne s'arrête plus, et on attend l'instant où les chansons sauront respirer un peu. D'une chanson à une autre, l'album s'écoute en apnée. Les compositions s'enchainent de façon monocorde. Où est la petite prise de risques supplémentaires qui viendrait hisser ce disque au rang d'indispensable ? Ainsi, si le premier essai s'avère relativement convaincant, aucun titre ne viendra réellement me hanter par la suite. Un album sympathique donc, très accessible et agréable à l'écoute, mais qui risque de faire saturer très vite ceux qui recherchent un certain espace dans la musique qu'ils écoutent.Source


Tracklist :

1. Intro
2. Just Before the Rain
3. Pearls
4. 2000 Leagues Under My Keyboard
5. Woman Like The Wind
6. Charlotte
7. California Cloaked In Wool
8. Tristess
9. Cerulean
10. Beyond All Walking
11. Meaning Of Unequipped
12. Shoe (Outro)


Info File :
Playtime: 00:42:33
Audio codec: MP3
Bitrate: VBR kbps
File: Zip
Size: 55.7MB


Trifonic - Ninth Wave (2012) [Broken Beat , Electronic]



Country : U.S.A
Genre : Electronic
Style :  Ambient , Dubstep , Broken Beat

Label : Trifonic Music LLC
Year : 2012




All tracks written, produced, and mixed by Trifonic.
Track 1: Co-written and co-produced by MindBuffer.
Tracks 2 and 7: Co-written, co-produced, and vocal performances by BRML.
Track 4: Additional mixing by John Rodd
Track 8: Remixed by Hecq.
Mastered by Mike Wells.
Album image: "Freeway" by Jeremy Geddes.


Tracklist :

1.Nightrun (feat. MindBuffer) 04:18
2.Life In Here (feat. BRML) 04:53
3.Ninth Wave 07:02
4.Baalbek 07:37
5.Santa Rosa 06:13
6.Calling 03:21
7.Forget (feat. BRML) 06:09
8.Baalbek (Hecq Remix) 04:59


Info File :

Playtime: 01:16:49
Audio codec: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
File: Zip
Size: 179.8MB


The Atomica Project - Metropolitan (2006) [Trip Hop]



Country : U.S.A
Genre : Trip Hop
Style :  Electro , Downtempo

Netlabel : Position Records
Year : 2006




icon streaming





The debut release from The Atomica Project, Metropolitan maneuvers effortlessly through genres, incorporating elements of trip hop, orchestral, downtempo, and lo-fi, all the while illustrating a compelling story of loss, affliction, collapse and recovery through Wade Alin's unadorned writing approach and Lauren Cheatham's impassioned delivery. While fans of Portishead, Bjork, and Lamb are certain to appreciate, Metropolitan introduces a sound that is distinctly Atomica.Source


Tracklist :

1.One Day In New York City 04:12
2.Delorian 03:25
3.Larsen 04:26
4.Salt 03:56
5.Recent 03:20
6.Quiver 04:03
7.Bittersweet 04:01
8.Sorrow 04:23
9.Pollen 03:16
10.Gun 04:21
11.Worry 04:22



Info File :

Playtime: 00:43:50
Audio codec: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
File: Zip
Size: 98.4MB


Meta Force - Orion 7 (LP) (2013) [Downtempo , Abstract Hip Hop]



Country : Germany
Genre : Downtempo
Style :  Abstract Hip Hop , Downbeat , Electro Soul

Netlabel : Dusted Wax Kingdom
Year : 2013


[Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0]






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Meta Force is an instrumental hip-hop/trip-hop project by Germany-based producers Astronut and Dario Scenario. After about 2 years of work, their debut album "Orion 7" comes into the world. It contains 11 frisky tracks cooked up in early 90s hip-hop manner with delicious jazzy samples and phat drum breaks.Source


Tracklist :

01-Live From Mars (feat. Johnny Fisher)
02-What You Wanna Know (feat. Charly Bless & Jules Jefferies)
04-This Is Today (feat. Lorenzo Dolce & Johnny Fisher)
05-Ci Sarrano Sogni Per Noi
06-Cherchez Doom (feat. Charmie Pfeffer)
07-Matrem Colere
09-If You
10-There Is Love Underwater
11-Good Things



Info File :

Playtime: 00:42:02
Audio codec: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
File: Zip
Size: 97.4MB


Augustus Pablo - Authentic Golden Melodies (1974-79) [Dub , Instrumental Reggae]



Country : Jamaica
Genre : Dub
Style :  Reggae , Instrumental Melodica

Label : Rockers Int
Year : 1974-79 (1980)




icon streaming





Engineer : Sid Bucknor & M. Carrol & Sylvan Morris & Errol Thompson

Producer : Augustus Pablo

Drums : Horsemouth Wallace & Ben Bow & Santa Davis
Bass : Ranchie & Bagga Walker & Robbie Shakespeare & Michael Taylor
Guitar : Chinna & Fazal Prendergast
Horns : Tommy McCook & Herman Marquis & Bobby Ellis

Studios :
Dynamic Sounds (Kingston, JA) & Randy's (Kingston, JA) & Harry J (Kingston, JA) & Creative Sounds (Kingston, JA)


Tracklist :

A1  Meditation Dub
A2  Tippa Tone Blues
A3  East Man Sounds
A4  New Lots Express
A5  House Is Not A Home
B1  Chain Dub Gang
B2  Viva Tirado
B3  Islington Rock
B4  Satta 3
B5  Jungle Cry



Info File :

Playtime: 00:32:06
Audio codec: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
File: Zip
Size: 40.2MB